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Picadely construction specializes in all aspects of exterior and interior renovations and a wide range of general contracting services. It has been in business for almost twenty years in the construction industry and has worked in all of New York city’s 5 boroughs. We serve both commercial customers and residential clients. If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Picadely Construction, INC. is a nationwide company that has strong standing with many large multi family ownership and management firms…what does this mean for you as a homeowner? We have been vetted time and time again and have the record to prove it. If you hire us, you hire years of experience in not only construction, but management and customer service. We are unique in that our multifamily superintendents are the same superintendents that you will have at your home. They all have experience in customer service that no other residential roofing contractor can claim. Not taking away from our workmanship, but we like to say around here that “we are a customer service FIRST and construction SECOND company.”

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  •   I ordered 9 window screens and a retractable screen door. The guy who came to take the initial measurements was great - quick, straightforward, honest, and knowledgeable.

    The day of the installation (June 24, 2020), one of the screens was the wrong size and didn't fit the window, and they forgot the screen door. They called their boss and told me the door and correct screen would arrive the following Monday or Tuesday. As of today (July 3, 2020), I haven't heard back from them at all, despite calling them multiple times to follow up.

    The screens we got are fine, but the customer service is atrocious. I would strongly recommend you do not use this company's services.

    thumb David C.
  •   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU LIKE WASTING HOURS AND HOURS OF TIME. I truly don't understand how this company is in business. Only reason we tried using them was that our apartment building referred us to them since they have done previous work in our building.

    First, I struggled to get in touch with them (multiple calls / emails - claiming my email went to their "junk" folder even after previous correspondence... ok), and they finally set up an appointment to measure the window for 4-5:30pm on a Tuesday. No one showed up. I call at 5:30pm and they tell me they tried to get in touch (no email, maybe true they didn't have my number) because they already know the size since they've done work in our building.

    2nd appointment for a time frame of 11am - 1pm, he shows up at 1pm with the wrong window size, after claiming he didn't need to measure. At this point, I am clearly frustrated and ask him that he's going to commit to showing up on time to our next appointment (I have a baby at home and it's in her room, so having to set up her travel crib and sleep situation elsewhere is a pain). That was pretty fruitless (I don't know what I was expecting).

    3rd appointment he just didn't show up at all. The company didn't answer the phone after multiple calls. The appointment was yesterday and I have not heard from them. I refuse to work with them at this point.

    thumb Jackie B.
  •   Oh holy shite... Run the other way, folks. These guys are as bad as it gets. Unreliable and incompetent as the summer days are long. We had a number of windows and doors we wanted screens installed in, so I contacted Window Repair NYC back in April based on the predominantly positive reviews on Yelp (which I now suspect to be shill reviews) and the reasonable price quoted for our job. A friendly guy came to measure within a day or so. Off to a good start! Installation date set and they showed up (a little late but not too bad) and began working. Slowly. But they were working. They did most of the windows and then went to work on the doors, at which point I could tell something was amiss. After lots of muttering between themselves (over about 2 hours), they announced to me that the screen doors were the wrong size. At this point it was near the end of the day and I was in good spirits, so I said that was fine, let's set another day and get the right sized doors installed. And that's when everything went completely down the toilet.

    A date was set to install the new doors, but that date came and went without a word from Window Repair NYC. It took about a dozen emails and a few calls to get a response from them. Another date was set and this time I was notified in the morning that they would be a little late. OK, that's fine. But as the hours dragged on, "a little late" became "we aren't going to make it today." So I basically wasted a day waiting around for these bozos. This same scenario played out in one way or another about 3 or 4 times over the following few weeks. A couple of times I was supposedly their second job of the day, and the first job went so late that they couldn't make it. Suspicious. Once I was even told at the end of the day that they were "on vacation, out of town." So why had you booked an appointment to install my screen doors? "Our neighbor was going to do it, but I guess he didn't show up." Ludicrous. I wish I was making this up but that's how it happened. More attempts were made to get them over here to install the doors. When they finally made an appointment and kept it, they only brought one door screen (I had ordered and they had measured for two). And yep, it was the wrong size again. Unbelievable.

    This nonsense carried on all summer long. Stringing me along and leaving me waiting around all day, or showing up and having the wrong size or the wrong type of door. It was incredible. The last day of this big charade was when the workers showed up to install the door screens, and once again showed up with only one door screen, not two. So they start working on that. Hours go by. They take the old screen door off, do some drilling, put the new door up, stare at it, stare at the floor, mutter to each other, tinker, make a phone call or two... This goes on for way too long. When I ask them if they'll be able to finish by the time I have to leave, they say, "Yeah, were wrapping up now." Cool. So I go about my business, then come back and it looks like they are packing up. Excellent. I go in the other room and next thing I know they are scooting out the front door. I figured I'd go check on the door screen and realize it's the old tattered original screen that has been put back. I rush to the front door and catch the guys waiting desperately for the elevator. "Guys, why is the original screen back up?" They proceeded to tell me that "he ordered the wrong size again." At which point I just closed the door and decided this job would have to wait for another company to do it in the Spring. The next day the old screen which they had reattached, fell down.

    The owner of the company, Andrew, who is never rude (I'll give him that) but almost always sounds confused and bewildered, always had the most nonsensical, ridiculous explanations for why the doors were the wrong size/type or why his workers showed up 6 hours late or not at all. He also kept telling me that various workers were being fired because of this (according to what he told me, three men got canned because of their incompetence on this job), which was inappropriate and also irrelevant. Just get the job done. That's what you need to do. In the end this project dragged on for six months, which is just absurd. At least Andrew didn't ask me to pay the remaining balance on the job (I wouldn't have known what I was paying for anyway).

    So I just wanted to post this review so that hopefully people can be prepared if you decide to do business with these clowns. I now see oodles of other reviews of this company that describe similar experiences to mine. Those are the ones you need to pay attention to. Andrew's email signature actually says, "People love us on Yelp!" Well, not this person. Or many others it seems. Planting reviews by your family members doesn't count, Andrew. These guys get a big fat "F" grade from me. Avoid like the plague.

    thumb KP D.
  •   The professionals at Window Repair NYC have done a superb job installing new windows!
    I have found this company searching online, and they were quick and efficient with the whole process. When I reached out for a window repair estimate, they were friendly and accommodating.
    They also provide same-day service, so fixing my broken windows and replacing new ones, were done all in the same day!

    I will recommend this company to anyone looking for window repair and installation services! 5 star customer service!

    thumb Tory L.
Picadely construction renovated my backyard, did my fencing work for me, fixed my driveway, installed stonework and brownstone beautifully! I am more than satisfied with the outcomes and then team’s professionalism, sincerity, and honesty.
Edmond and Nomine
I hired Picadely construction to renovate my basement with porcelain tiles and space planning for bathrooms and new closet installations. Just wanna say they always work closely with their clients, best company I ever hired.
Adam Cheise

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