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Picadely construction specializes in all aspects of exterior and interior renovations and a wide range of general contracting services. It has been in business for almost twenty years in the construction industry and has worked in all of New York city’s 5 boroughs. We serve both commercial customers and residential clients. If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Picadely Construction, INC. is a nationwide company that has strong standing with many large multi family ownership and management firms…what does this mean for you as a homeowner? We have been vetted time and time again and have the record to prove it. If you hire us, you hire years of experience in not only construction, but management and customer service. We are unique in that our multifamily superintendents are the same superintendents that you will have at your home. They all have experience in customer service that no other residential roofing contractor can claim. Not taking away from our workmanship, but we like to say around here that “we are a customer service FIRST and construction SECOND company.”

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  •   Let me first say that I shopped around quite a bit before we decided to go with Window Repair NYC. I was impressed with how quickly I received a quote so that I could compare the pricing with other companies/competitors - our home like most houses are older and I noticed lately the house wasn't holding heat during the winter or staying as cool during the summer. I thought I was going to have to completely replace the windows and upgrade everything which we barely had the budget for; would've had to take out a loan and after an assessment, we were told dealing the windows would be sufficient and they were right! Not only did we save money, but the temperature is finally regulated throughout the house. No more running the ac unit AND fans and I'm excited not to have extra space heaters unnecessarily driving up our con Ed bill which has already come down by $36! Definitely coming back to them when we are ready to upgrade everything.

    thumb Danielle C.
  •   This was my first time hiring a window repair company and I had a pleasurable experience. It was extremely easy to get a quote and the workers were on time and efficient. If I ever need any more windows repaired, I'll more than likely stick with them.

    thumb Angie S.
  •   Vanity mirror broke in bathroom, messaged these guys and got a fast response.

    Worker came to my residence and instead of getting over and replacing the mirror he simply told  me that the mirror would fall again and break due to the piece that secures the mirror.

    Thank you for your honesty

    thumb Maya C.
  •   Whatever you do, do not hire this company for anything. I hired them to make and install five custom window screens. They cancelled on me over eleven times, ten of which were immediately before or during the scheduled appointment. They are either malicious liars, incompetent buffoons, or both.

    That's the short version. Here's the timeline of what happened after I paid the deposit on 6/13 and scheduled our first appointment for 6/25:

    6/24 - Andrew--the principal antagonist in this story--cancels the appointment a day in advance. We rescheduled for 6/28 before 8:30 am.

    6/28 - The guy doesn't arrive by 8:30 am. He says that he won't be there for a while, so we reschedule for 7/1.

    7/1 - A technician comes to take measurements. I later schedule an installation for 7/20 from 4 to 6 pm.

    7/20 - I email at 5:18 pm to get an ETA. Andrew replies at 5:36 pm saying they failed to confirm the appointment. We reschedule for 7/25 before 8:30 am.

    7/25 - I email at 8:23 am to get an ETA. Andrew replies at 9:02 am that "the glass technician wasn't able to deliver the screens, cause the manufacturers made a mistake with a measurements and they have to remake it." We reschedule for 7/27 between 4 - 6 pm.

    7/27 - After I have already left work to be home, Andrew emails at 3:58 pm: "I'm sorry to inform you but unfortunately we can't come today, still doing the big project in Brooklyn and will finish very late." We reschedule for the next day from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.

    7/28 - Someone finally comes with the screens, but they are all the wrong size. The technician says he will come back upstairs to re-take the measurements, but he doesn't come back and doesn't call.

    At this point, I am getting tired of this process, so I email Andrew: "How would you like to proceed? We still would like window screens, but if it is too logistically difficult for your company we would be OK with you refunding the deposit." Andrew replies that the "manufactures make a mistake while making your screens and now we have to re-order it." He insists that they have "the correct measurements already and will order based by them." I was confused how he could be so confident, so I got him on the phone to explain. He reassured me that they had the correct measurements. Based on this reassurance, I agreed to reschedule for 8/24 at 7:30 am.

    8/24 - At 7:41 am I get an email "confirming" a delivery from 6 - 7 pm. I wasn't thrilled by this, but I could be home at that time so I emailed Andrew to confirm. I further requested that "If there is a change, please do not wait until after the scheduled arrival time to inform me again."

    At 7:03 pm, I email to get an ETA. I am then informed they have to cancel because "[the technician] just said that they'll finish the job only around 9-10pm." At this point, I am quite upset. Ultimately, Andrew agrees to give me a $100 discount and to have the screens delivered on 8/27 between 6 - 7 pm.

    8/28 - No one arrives for the 6 - 7 pm window. I call Andrew and he gives me another BS excuse - I do not remember what - but he promises to have the screens installed for free on 8/31 between 10 am and 12 pm.

    8/31 - I email Andrew at 10:11 am: "I am writing to ask for an ETA, and to ask that you not wait until 12:00 pm to cancel." I then get a text from the technician saying that "we had your measurements mix up in the system so we couldn't find them . . . so sorry we couldn't pull up the dimensions anywhere on file." At this point, I was quite livid. Andrew agreed to give me the screens for free and we rescheduled for 9/5 after 6 pm.

    9/5 - I email at 4:10: "Hi Andrew, just a reminder that we confirmed for 6 pm today. If no one is coming, I would like notice before 6 pm. Thank you." After getting no reply, I email at 6:36 "I am getting nervous that you are going to no show again. . . Can I get an ETA?" Andrew dodges my calls hour until the technician calls me to say that he doesn't have the material to make the screens yet. He agrees to come on 9/7 by 8:00 am.

    9/7 - The technician straight up ignores my texts and calls until 9:17 am. On the phone, he tells me Andrew has been telling him to string me along. I officially decide I am done, demand my deposit back, and head to work.


    In sum, please, do not give this company the respect of your business. They didn't give it to me, and they don't deserve it.

    thumb L. B.
Picadely construction renovated my backyard, did my fencing work for me, fixed my driveway, installed stonework and brownstone beautifully! I am more than satisfied with the outcomes and then team’s professionalism, sincerity, and honesty.
Edmond and Nomine
I hired Picadely construction to renovate my basement with porcelain tiles and space planning for bathrooms and new closet installations. Just wanna say they always work closely with their clients, best company I ever hired.
Adam Cheise

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